Axara Consulting


Selected reference cases:

  • Invalidation of a European Patent as a strategic consultant to a French biotechnology company.

  • Advice to investor in market and technology analysis.

  • Negotiation and closing of an exclusive license contract for the percutaneously implantable and self-expandable ECP blood pump of AIS GmbH Aachen Innovative Systems, Germany.

  • Negotiation and closing of the sale of AIS GmbH Aachen Innovative Systems, Germany, to Abiomed, Inc., USA.

  • Development of business plans for German medical device companies.

  • Development of business plan for a German biopharma start-up company.



  • Development of business plan and investment case and spin off of the medtech company MaRVis Interventional GmbH. Operative, technology, IP and corporate development as CEO. MaRVis has developed a platform technology for MR safe and visible medical devices with a focus on guidewires.

  • Subsequent to initially internal project development spin off of the medtech company Alaxo GmbH. Alaxo has developed the first reusable stents (AlaxoLito Nasal Stents and AlaxoStent) for mechanical splinting of the upper airway. The products are approved as medical devices. Alaxo possesses specialized manufacturing know how and equipment for its proprietary products. Operative company management as CEO.

  • Together with Mr. Nasib Dlaikan-Campos invention of a dedicated braided venous stent and other optimized braided stents, patent protection (WO 2016062665 A2) and project development for commercial development.

  • Establishment of a commerzialization consortium together with PPM e.V. Magdeburg (Germany) for development of pure canola seed proteins (napin and cruciferin; WO 2015/154884 A1) targeting industrial applications primarily in the cosmetics, food/food additives, neutraceuticals and polymer industries. Technical scale manufacturing and product characterization have been successfully performed. Within the "Canola Protein Consortium" scale-up to industrial volumes is the key target in parallel to product and application characterization of the purified proteins. Expansion of the Consortium by interested industrial partners as well as out-licensing or sale of the proprietary technology are considered.
    Canola Proteins information sheet

  • The canola proteins are commercially available as research products at antibodies-online GmbH as follows:
  • purified napin:
  • purified cruciferin:
  • purified 57% napin / 43% cruciferin protein mix: